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Ruth olmstead, Ph. D.

Dr. Ruth Olmstead, Ph.D. has extensive experience treating children and adults diagnosed with learning disabilities, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), PTSD, anxiety, depression, and a number of neurological disorders utilizing auditory and visual stimulation (AVS) and brainwave entrainment as an adjunct treatment in clinical practice.

Dr. Olmstead's extensive research utilizing AVS for ADHD and Learning Disabilities has been a springboard for larger studies and has advanced the use of AVS technology with clinical applications. Dr. Olmstead is certified in the application of electroencephalogram (EEG) biofeedback, and since 1989 she has researched, developed, and published a number of specific intervention protocols in the application of auditory and visual stimulation and brainwave entrainment. Dr. Olmstead has written software for many Light/Sound devices and trains licensed therapists in the clinical application of this technology.

Dr. Olmstead is a pioneer in the research and application of auditory and visual stimulation (AVS) systems (commonly known as “Mind Machines”). Her ground-breaking work in this field is widely published and considered among the most important works detailing the beneficial effects of Mind Machines on children and adults.

The 14 proprietary programs designed by Dr. Olmstead for the Synaptic Stimulus Trainer (SST) device are well researched, and provide significant benefits for a wide variety of disorders.

Dr. Olmstead conducted clinical studies utilizing Light/Sound devices for over 20 years.

She also has written a variety of sound only therapeutic software with Adam Hewett of Transparent Corp.