Migraine and Headache

Migraine and stress related headaches may be reduced in frequency and intensity through the careful use of the SST device, but some caution is required. It is important to begin any intervention with relaxation programs and dimmed light stimulus.

Stress related headache and migraine are greatly assisted with the use of the relaxation programs and dimmer light intensity. One common type of migraine is cause solely by reactions to the chemicals in foods such as chocolate, cheese, nuts. Also included is the non essential amino acid monosodium glutamate (MSG) and the sulfites found in many wines. Recommended  intervention programs are calming (inhibitory) with low light intensity.

The following sessions are recommended for deep relaxation, and may assist in decreasing the intensity and frequency of headache and migraine:

(1) Beginning   Inhibitory    35 minutes
(2) Inhibitory                       35 minutes
(3) Inhibitory                       35 minutes
(5) Double Inhibitory           35 minutes

Disclaimer: These programs were not designed to be a substitute for medication, or behavioral therapy. Please contact a licensed therapist or mental health care professional for severe symptoms.