Stress Reduction

About the Symptoms of Stress
Symptoms of stress are associated with feelings of tension, worry, poor decision making, and feeling overwhelmed. Physiological reactions to these symptoms may include increased heart rate, sweating, sleep disturbances, weakness, and fatigue.

Deep relaxation provided by some of the Inhibitory Programs may induce feelings of tranquility and reduce the intensity of stress symptoms.

Suggested programs that may address the symptoms of Stress:

(1) Beginning Inhibitory     35 minutes
(2) Inhibitory                      35 minutes
(3) Inhibitory                      35 minutes
(5) Double Inhibitory          35 minutes
(12) Inhibitory Crossover   35 minutes










Disclaimer: These programs were not designed to be a substitute for medication, or behavioral therapy. Please contact a licensed therapist or mental health care professional for severe symptoms.