Learning Disabilities

When Using These Programs With Children
It is recommended that children use these programs accompanied with a story or song cassette or CD. Please use caution when using the SST Device with children, be certain that the volume and light intensity is set at a comfortable level. If the light intensity is too bright, your child may experience eye strain or a headache. No more than two or three sessions a week are recommended for children.

Use of AVS for Addressing Problem Behaviors and Improving Motivation and Self Esteem
Many of these programs have been implemented in therapeutic and learning centers as an adjunct intervention for learning and attentional disorders and have also been found decrease problem behaviors and enhanced motivation and self-esteem. Parent and teacher rating scales often reported improvement in attitude, motivation, self confidence, and a decrease in hyperactive or problem behaviors (Micheletti, 1997; Olmstead, 1997; Patrick, 1994; Woodbury, 1996). School reports frequently note better work habits, and an increase in independent work and homework completion. Listening, oral expression, and handwriting skills also improved. Group participation, cooperation, and a more positive attitude were often reported for most of the students.

Suggested programs that may address the symptoms of a variety of Learning Disabilities in Children and Adults:

(2) Excitatory                        35 minutes
(9) Excitatory                        28 minutes
(10) Advanced Excitatory     35 minutes
(6) Advanced Inhibitory        35 minutes


In a published clinical study by Ruth Olmstead Ph.D., results using the SST device with children diagnosed with ADHD and Learning Disabilities demonstrated significant improvements in just 6 weeks.

Click here to read the published clinical study in the Journal of Neurotherapy, 9 (2) 2005.

Disclaimer: These programs were not designed to be a substitute for medication, or behavioral therapy. Please contact a licensed therapist or mental health care professional for severe symptoms.