What Users Are Saying About the SST Device



"The SST is the best device I have ever used for deep relaxation. I use it most often when I'm scattered and feel completely overwhelmed, and I always feel refreshed and extremely calm after a session. I highly recommend it over other devices because I don't just get deep relaxation, but I get the added benefit of feeling sharper, super focused, and motivated."


Jeanine, Tinley Park, Il




“I have used the SST device for over 10 years and have seen such a difference in not only my life but also in therapy sessions with biofeedback patients to help reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain reduction, and for general health and well being. The SST has 14 programs to address everything from focus and attention to calming anxiety and reducing depression. I have seen my patient’s issues resolve quickly once they are introduced to the SST device than prior to just therapy and regular physiological biofeedback.  I use it when feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and afterwards I feel as though I have had a mental massage and my brain has been reset. My mother uses the SST to reduce her daily fibromyalgia pain.

The SST is a revolutionary device that has programs which can benefit both children, adults, and the elderly in all facets of life."

Laura Shelton, BS, Biofeedback Specialist


“The SST has made a huge difference in the way I think and how quickly I comprehend my studies. I feel that it has put my brain on the FAST-TRACK to heightened intelligence and creative problem-solving abilities.”

Thank you Dr. Olmstead!

Debbie, San Diego, CA


“The SST is a miracle machine, and Dr. Olmstead is a miracle worker.”

LR, Chicago, IL


“We have noticed improvements with our daughters’ behavior. She's definitely not as  hyperactive, and she seems to be able to concentrate on her studies when her medication wears off."

Linda H. – Toronto


”Our other daughter is starting to do better in school. Her marks have improved and her concentration has also improved."

Linda H. – Toronto


"I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you about the improvements I see Melissa making in class. Recently, I've noted that her attention span has increased greatly and she seems, in her attitude generally, to have made a major leap in maturity. Melissa continues to produce great work in English and I look forward to seeing both her Midsummer and spring essay assignments as they progress."

J G – Teacher


"I wanted to write you and say "thank you". Since seeing you in June 2004 and starting the Mind Spa programs, my son, Jake, now 8, has really improved in all of his academics in school. While in first grade he just didn’t understand his work, and his reading and math skills were terrible.  He left the first grade with the Recommendation of getting tutoring over the summer holiday. He was also tested for learning disabilities by the school, and formally diagnosed ADHD. I was so glad to have seen you, as it gave me the opportunity to try something different, aside from medications. On the standardized test before starting on the Mind Spa Program, my son was below normal in some areas, such as short term memory, math, reading.  After 10 months of being on the Mind Spa programs and being retested, the improvement is remarkable. My son is now completing the second grade and doing very well in reading and  math. I am very much impressed with you, Dr Olmstead and the awesome change in my son."

Marcia Owens - Escondido, CA


“I was first exposed to L&S stimulation more than 10 years ago, when Ruth Olmstead introduced my wife and me to her “brain machine”. At the time it helped lift me from a bout of depression and low motivation, and I have used the compact home unit more or less continuously since then to help relieve stress and improve cognitive function.

During that interval I have written and self-published my first book (2004), and am working on a second. It is my distinct impression that without the benefit of L&S stimulation I would not have had the mental capacity or the ability to concentrate that is necessary to complete a project of that magnitude.

After doing considerable exploration, there is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Olmstead’s cutting edge Light and Sound programs are the best in the field.”

Dr. Patrick J. Hurley


“We have a seven year old son who has been diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder). I see a great deal of improvement in behavior. He is more confident, more self-assured and he displays the ability to focus better. His teachers, family and friends are all impressed with the change.  We began to notice results after one month. His ability to concentrate and his ability to organize his thinking went up like a miracle! Thank you!”

Miriam A.


"I wanted to share the results of this year’s FCAT tests for Alex and Marissa with you. As you will see, they both made significant improvement during this past year. Last year Marissa passed the fourth grade on alternative criteria because her FCAT scores were so low in both reading and math. This year she passed based on her FCAT scores. Marissa’s math score improved from 20th percentile in fourth grade to 43rd percentile in fifth grade. Her reading score improved from 22nd percentile in fourth grade to 55th percentile in fifth grade. Her reading score improved from 22nd percentile in fourth grade 55th percentile in eighth grade. When she saw her scores, Marissa cried relief. She feels so much better about herself now.  Alex’s reading score improved from 36th percentile in seventh grade to 72nd percentile in eighth. His math scores have always been good, but he improved from 89th percentile to 94th percentile."



“The SST Device has literally changed my life! Since I started using it five months ago (three times a week; alternating programs 13 and 14), I have been CHURNING out content for my book, websites, and other projects like never before...My mood and energy levels are off the charts...I've gone from needing 8-9 hours of sleep a night to waking up refreshed and alert after only 5-6 hours. My ability to multi-task and manage several projects simultaneously has vastly improved.

I remember when I first met Dr. Ruth, I was in awe with the SST results with children diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and other learning disabilities such as improved IQ scores, the ability to go off prescription ADD meds, and parents sending in testimonials that their children were going from straight Ds and Fs to straight As and Bs, etc.

I knew that if your technology could have such effects on those kids, it might just be the cure for my "Entrepreneurial ADD” and the problem of having too many great ideas but not enough time to implement them all…Well, that's all in the past. The SST is training my brain to function so that I can juggle working with multiple diverse clients, focus and concentrate much better, start, implement, complete, and knock out project after project, and I feel now that work has suddenly become FUN again!

I recommend the SST device to all my friends and family, and I laugh more and stress less. It truly is life-altering.

Still in total awe,”

JP, Indianapolis, IN


“When I bought my SST device I was on deadline to complete my first book manuscript, and I was suffering from an agonizing case of” Writer's Block”. Within three weeks of starting the programs, I couldn't get my ideas onto the page fast enough. Now, whenever I find myself searching for those words, I know exactly how to solve the problem (thank you for Program #14!).

As a marketer, I need to make the suggestion: sell the SST at writers' conventions--may no writer ever suffer from W.B. again! "

Julie Perry, Author (The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess) & Freelance Writer, Fort Lauderdale, Florida